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Dalan d'Olive Pure Olive Oil Hand & Body Cream Nourishing


20ml - 75ml - 250ml


Dalan d’Olive Hand and Body Cream for dry to normal skin is quickly absorbed helping to restore your skin’s natural moisture balance, instantly making it soft and supple. 


The high Vitamin E content of olive oil nourishes and revitalizes your skin, providing a healthy glow to your skin. 


The Antioxidants in olive oil help to rebuild your skin’s natural protection system against daily external factors.


- pH Balanced

- Dermatologically tested.

- Provides deep moisture for up to 24 hours.

- For normal to dry skin

- Paraben, Colorant, PEG, GDO, Alcohol FREE!


  • HAND AND BODY CREAM: Dalan D'olive Nourishing Hand and Body Cream from Pure Olive Oil and Glycerine.
  • MOISTURIZING: 24 hours of moisture, family size, 75ml or 2.54 fl oz. Made in Turkey.
  • NO CHEMICALS: 0% Paraben, Colorant, PEG, GDO, Alcohol. For normal to dry skin. Dermatologically tested.
  • INTENSIVE CARE: ultra moisturizing with natural olive oil for normal to dry skin for men and women.
  • GIFT or PRESENT: gift set for birthday, Christmas, anniversary and any specials days.

Pure Olive Oil Hand&Body Cream Nourishing Normal to Dry Skin

  • The  olive oil in d'Olive Hand & Body Cream, with it's high vitamin E content and antioxidant properties, nourishes and protects your skin against the external factors that can cause ageing. Being dermatologically tested in the German Dermaconsult GmbH Institute, it can safely be applied to sensitive skin. d'Olive Hand & Body Cream intensively moisturizes your skin, providing relief to dry skin, making it soft, supple and adding a natural shine. Feel the fresh scent and the healthy glow this miracle of nature can bestow upon your skin. 

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